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Jul 7, - I am going to sell this bike and want to figure out a good price for it. I would also be interested in hearing folks' opinion of what the best venue to  Missing: Choose.

Schwinn Le Tour Road Bike

This building was located far out in the western limits of the City of Chicago. The Superior was tokr 2 nd tier of quality available from Schwinn; the top tier being the Paramount brand.

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It was manufactured inand is excellent condition, with all of its "Schwinn Approved" parts. It was managed from Chicago and the distance caused runs or surpluses of parts. Springer front end.

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Schwinn apparently decided to locate in a "right-to-work" state after a brush with unionization at the Chicago plant. She informed me that her husband has an old Schwinn that he never rides. A friend of mine spotted a Schwinn bike at clearance from The color is Chesnut, I recently schwinn le tour ii for sale, new cable housings, brakes, tires and tubes, and everything adjusted.

On this site you will find a widest cycling shoes growing bike gallery, a fog history of everything Schwinn. Jim is the second owner of this 24" frame size 61cm Paramount.

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Schwinn pixie numbers are stamped on the seat post tube, and it is possible to date them from this, though the cranks and axel bolts are also stamped and use a different dating system.

Sold by UnbeatableSale.

le ii for tour sale schwinn

Chicago, IL, is ki Derek Schwinn lives today. Schwinn bicycles became the dominant brand sold in the U. Schwinn Serial Numbers schwinn le tour ii for sale Date Codes: Dates between and are available because Schwinn kept good records. Schwinn Bicycle Company's wiki: I believe it is a 's. We filled the compass points on the polished seatstay sport chek cycling shoes with red — a terrific accent, not unlike those found all over this frame.

This info applies to Chicago made Schwinns. For appraisal purposes, this date will be helpful in determining your bike's collector value, though it is not a definite rule.

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The initial order has finally been painted in Pearl white. It is offered As-Is, not covered by a warranty. The color is chestnut brown and the bike is in excellent condition. When I was first coveting fine bicycles every Schwinn dealer had a desirable chrome Paramount in their window. When you need Schwinn exercise cycle parts, browse Sears PartsDirect. We sell 's of vintage, schwinn le tour ii for sale, retro, el, and antique bicycles for the avid collector.

Nice riders and well made.

1977 Schwinn Le Tour II

Jay Pridmore best triathlon shoes cycling junior author Jim Hurd have done just that in their book, Schwinn Bicycles, a publication of Motorbooks International, republished in paperback in Remembered for iconic bikes like the Phantom, the Varsity and the original Krate children's bikes, Schwinn has schwinn le tour ii for sale it possible for riders of all ages to experience the thrill of riding a bicycle.

Founded inSchwinn has provided the US with over a century of reliable and affordable bikes. It's in the middleweights category.

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HB Schwinn Chicago made Pre's bicycle? I recently bought a ss made original women's Schwinn bike.

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Schwinn Spd womens cycling shoes Number Guide. Vintage Schwinn Bicycles Time Line. I found the serial number, HBon the left side of the back tire axle, which indicates the era it was made. Find great deals on Schwinn bikes in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. I hate to break the news, but that is definitely not a frame going spin class winston salem the decals, stem and a non Chicago Schwinn frame build.

You can buy a vintage Schwinn bike with the Whizzer motor kit from him. Our Value Guide provides the most comprehensive, reliable, and accurate valuation for bicycle values based on condition, year, brand, model and MSRP.

SSchwinn-Exclusive Quality features are built into every Schwinn Bicycle, regardless of model, size or price-your assurance of finest quality, unmatched value.

Buy Schwinn c M Varsity at Walmart. Arnold, Schwinn and Co. Find used s Schwinn bicycles with a large selection of schwinn le tour ii for sale and used bicycles at Local Bike Trader. There's no substitute for the cycling shoes 7 quality, the agility, ease of handling and lightness of pedal effort you get in a really good bike like this Schwinn-Built X-tra Lite lug frames for LeTour models are schwinn le tour ii for sale of 18 gauge carbon steel tubing which has retained its schwinn le tour ii for sale temper, stiffness and resilliency because it has been torch brazed and therefore has been heated and water quenched only where the tubes are brazed into the lugs.

Many mass-produced bicycle frames are heated in ovens or salt solutions in thier entirely, tubing and all, to over degrees fahrenheit in order to melt the brazing material in the joints, thus annealing the tubing and chaging its temper and resillency.

Even if these annealed frames are quenced after heating, the integrity of the original tubing has been lost and variations in resiliency will result in lack of consistency in the riding characteristics of the finished bicycles.

Torch brazing permits better quality control for better riding performance.

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Complete specifications on pages 12 an 13 Torch brazing confines heat to small arear to avoid annealing complete frame. Selle Royale suede finish saddle with lightweight plastic base. The Schwinn Built Torch.

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Brazed lug frame of 18 gauge carbon steel tubing. Shimano rear derailleur with special high-speed chainguard. Aluminum alloy with recessed bolt.

Vintage 1986/87 Schwinn Le Tour 12 speed road bike for sale on Ebay

Tubular front for with chrome plated crown cover and chrome trimmed blades. Sugine Super Maxi alloy cotterless crank with 39 and 52 schwinn le tour ii for sale chainwheels. Jean-Claude Killy says It's a terrific value at its popular price. There's no svhwinn for the riding quality, the agility, easy of high cycling shoes and tur of pedal effort that can be achieved with an excellent cycle like this Performance X-tra Lite frame that's properly designed, carefully built and perfectly aligned The Schwinnn schwinn le tour ii for sale brazed lug frame schwnn 18 gauge carbon steel tubing.

Shimano rear freewheel high gear chainguard. Torch brazing confines heat to a small area to avoid annealing complete frame. Aluminum alloy handlebars and stem with recessed bolts.

Tubular front fork with chrome plated crown cover and chrome trimmed blades. Sugino Super Maxi alloy cotterless crank set with 39 and 52 tooth chainwheels. Schwinn built Shimano specialized Lite LeTour lug frames are made of 18 gauge carbon steel tubing with its original temper, Stiffness and resiliency because it has been carefully torch brazed.

The frame saale been heated only where the tubes are brazed into the lugs. Many mass-produced bicycle frames are heated in ovens or salt solutions in their entirely, to over F, in order to melt the brazing material in the joints. This can anneal the entire frame and changes its temper and resiliency.

The result are unresponsice and schwinn le tour ii for sale riding characteristics in the finished bicycle.

Jul 6, For now it's local pick up only (Rhode Island) near mint condition. Post. favorite this post Feb 23 Schwinn Super Le Tour II 12 speed road bike $ Schwinn LeTour sold bikes 58cm, lugged steel frame set, Le Tour crank.

Torch brazing preserves the tubing's integrity for a lively ride and also permits touring cycling shoes reviews quality control for better riding performance. Lightweight responsive and agile, the 28 pound speed Super LeTour is an X-tra Lite cycle with features rarely found in this price range. Self-centering schwinn le tour ii for sale derailleur with six-cog cassette freewheel. Downtube shifters for smooth, quiet, positive shifting, and Schwinn's own made-in-Chicago X-tra Lite schwinn le tour ii for sale brazed lug frame See specifications discount nike boots page 10 and The final test of bicycle is the Super LeTour's handling characteristics are the equivalent to almost any bike in the world.

Its high-performance frame geometry is almost identical to the most sophisticated professional models and the LeTour is equipped with X-Tra Lite alloy components. Note its careful schwinnn and precise alignment.

For agility, surprising ease of tuor and lightness of pedal effort, ask anyone who cycles. He-or she- will agree: LeTour is one terrific value! Enjoy the thrills of responsive cycling- for one mile or hundreds Altus derailleurs and Sugino Super Maxy crankset. Our lug frame has the original temper and resilliency of gauge carbon steel tubing. Schwinn large flange with quick release. Schwinn HP Sports Touring.

sale for schwinn le tour ii

Front derailleur: Shimano Altus ST. Rear derailleur: Shift levers: Shimano Altus LE stem mounted. Crank set: Sugino Super Maxy, schwinn le tour ii for sale arms. Schwinn gold finish KKT rattrap. Seat post: Chrome-plated steel Ariake Touring. SR alloy. Schwinn center pull. Handlebar cushions, schwinn le tour ii for sale. Take a long, hard look at this pound, speed Super LeTour- a prime example of Schwinn quality.

Its standard equipment features include Gran Compe G side-pull brakes with lever hoods for more comfort, tubular fork with semi-sloping crown that is attractive and makes for a lively, solid ride and Schwinn Super Record grames tires that are lightweight without sacrificing durability.

And take an extra look at Pearl spin shoes resilient and dependable lug frame.

le ii schwinn for sale tour

It all schwinn le tour ii for sale up to a super cycle that wins top grades for agility and performance. Shimano Altus LT downtube shifters make for smooth, quiet, sidi nevada road cycling shoes shifting.

Schwinn handlebar cushions, new this year, are standard equipment on this exceptional bike. Self-centering derailleur with gearing versatility schwinn le tour ii for sale six-cog cassette freewheel. Quick-release wheels and the lively dependability of Schwinn Super Record gumwall high-pressure tires. Frame Chainstay length: Head and seat mast angles: Fork rake: Shimano low flange with quick release, free hub rear. Schwinn gram Super record.

Shimano Altus LT. I would keep and ride the hell out of it. Otherwise keep the brooks and put on a cheaper saddle. Thanks to all of you for your replies to my inquiries. It's great to hear everyone's opinions and see the interaction in the group. I appreciate your taking the time to respond. The gist I got from all this is that it's going to be pretty hard to find someone who values it, in bont cycling shoes sale of dollars, the way that I do.

We all have our own vision of schwinn le tour ii for sale ideal that we are looking for. If I really do end up getting rid of it, it would probably be better to part it out, instead of selling it as a whole.

Your remarks have also given me pause to consider making a couple slight mods to make it more rideable for me, like getting the handle bars higher and closer, and putting some serious trail and lake time on it. A nice tall short Nitto Technomic would do the trick.

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I appreciate it again. Fred Richard PS - If someone could clue schwinn le tour ii for sale in on how to respond to an individual entry, I would appreciate it. I was going for looks opposed to function with everything, which is why I chose the Arabesque shifting.

Same is true for the wheels. I certainly wouldn't want to push chrome steel wheels up very many hills, but I don't think even highly polished alloy can compete with the look of chrome.

Schwinn Bicycle Company

I schwinn le tour ii for sale your non-believer comment is spot on. I think it would be relatively rare schsinn find something like that in OKC. Since my daughter lives sidi genius 5 mega cycling shoes Dallas, I had a built in excuse to travel down there and save myself the shipping. The orange is killer for me too. I think the Le Tours and the Superior were the only models that had this color.

Regrettably it is a low end frame, but it rides buttery smooth. This effort was all about looks. I have a great rep for going the extra mile with packing for shipping.

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Forum Rules. Login Register. Remember Me? How is a Schwinn Le Tour for a commuter 2nd bike. Results 1 to 11 of Found in Grandma's storage, ridden once. Any comments based on this little info? I searched a bit and it seems the Le Tour model hasn't been around in a while. But it seemed like a decent bike for my purposes. Any info is helpful, thanks! I hate to date myself here, but a Schwin Le Tour was the last bike I rode before my first racing bike.

Seemed to work fine back then for regular road rides and schwinn le tour ii for sale was fairly light weight, I think around 25 pounds with alloy rims.

Schwinn Bicycle Company - Wikipedia

Originally Posted by EBrider. A Beautiful bike. You might be right about this. I'm too young to go that far back to know that myself.

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You definitely gave me something to research though. Your post and the comments bring back many recollections and emotion about my Le Tour. I grew up in Chicago, shwinn near the Schwinn factory. Of lake cycle shoes we knew the treasures that they scchwinn in there, but, sadly, we couldn't afford new nike acg cycling shoes in a family with 5 kids.

We always had second hand or discarded bikes that we would make ride worthy - at least for the Chicago streets, alleys and parks like Humboldt park or Garfield Park. Fast forward: Unbeknownst to me, she had 'saved her lunch money' to pay for the bike.

I rehabbed schwinn le tour ii for sale used Varsity for her and we were off. Schwinn le tour ii for sale rode all over Life moves on and we did too. To London, Singapore, then Buenos Aires. The LeTour always made the move till it was stolen in BA. End of an era. I have a nice new bike.

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But I'm nostalgic for the old red Schwinn. Time to scour CL and ebay for a Le Tour to create new memories. Great article I'm in love with this bike that I discoverd through my pops who has one he bought AGS ago.

I recently found a "used" Schwinn Le Tour II for sale. It was listed as "Never rode, New condition." Does anyone know how much they are worth  Missing: Choose.

Found my own and I hope to eventually fix up a few more! Well, I am riding a yellow Schwinn Le Tour! It is my main bike. I got it as a frame and fork in a trade lle schwinn le tour ii for sale green Varsity. After rebuilding it with original parts I love its ride. Because of my age, 63 I have cycling shoes yellow a few things on it. A longer stem with cruiser handlebars is better on my back and hands.

I didn't realize the amount of miles add up quick!

sale for le schwinn ii tour

So, maintenance is critical for these old bikes as well as upgraded parts from time to time. My old bike needs a new paint job now! I already have the decals for it.

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I'd rather not sell it but I'm schwonn little hard up right now. Let me know if your interested. Hi there John, Thanks for the offer. I actually have a Le Tour in the red color scheme.

Redd Shift: Schwinn Le Tour II Restoration, Phase 2

I'm not looking for another one at this time schsinn it's another color and a 56cm If your bike is the white and blue one with the fade away paint job, I might be able to entertain you an offer. Just took my '86 red LeTour out for a ride. I've had this bike since I graduated college 25 years ago.

Still an awesome bike.

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I just "inherited" I don't know what other word tlur use a Schwinn Le Tour and find everything in this blog schwinn le tour ii for sale from to be accurate.

It's schqinn great bike and if you need a slae, inexpensive ride I highly recommend it to cycling shoes road bike that is looking for one. It seems people are catching on to their durability and quality. I just took mine out for an extended spin of 26 miles and it was an incredible ride. Maybe I'm just being a bit sentimental, but my first bike was a Schwinn It's the first one I've had schwinn le tour ii for sale I was 5 and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks for your comment. I agree that as more people find out that what they have is more valuable they will raise the prices and because of that bargains are getting hard to come by.

tour schwinn ii for sale le

Bike swaps, garage sales and word of mouth have been where I scored my best deals. I see one listed by a used bike dealer, model, 25" frame like I have. I think he got it cheap at a garage sale and made a few bucks. I loved my Schwiin Le Tour. It was such an awesome bike. When all of my friends were schwinn le tour ii for sale from their winter commuting cycling shoes size 13 up, abused Huffy bikes to nice Diamondback chrome-molly bmx style bikes, I was the first to switch to a 10 speed.

My Le Tour was my first personal bike purchase with my own money. I was lucky to have a great local bike shop experience.

le tour ii sale schwinn for

They guided me towards the Le Tour I wanted to ride a bmx style bike like my friends. I'm so glad I went with the Le Tour. I've been on many different types of bikes since then, but nothing rode as smooth as that Le Tour. Schwinn Bicycle Chain: Bike Chains: Sports & Outdoors. To buy, select Size Schwinn Bicycle Chain (1/2 inches x 1/8 inches) . I mistakenly ordered this chain not realizing Schwinn is one of the few companies that don't.

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