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May 5, - Sunday, May 5, Texas, Sunday Morning, May 5, W4 Pin» Street Salvaqe Co. il Pint «M)H MAGNETIC SIGNS S Oak. 4J2-M2 ·.

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OLl 1 r Ilinhci,t I r. Gold coini up to vintage dueoi cycling shoes BVGS-Countrv consignments, te! Our 80 years' reputation ensures your getting full value. We do not quote prices In excess of tho true velue lo mislead the public AYo tju'ran leo lo nay tho above prices If sovereigns are. ShlNS Wool Sheep lltdis ic. I lui] lou W I I OL It lib. We guarantee" to ern ite vol He 1 cenest price, in Vintage dueoi cycling shoes 10UV1 '. Get Delivered Price. I roi en 1st l. Itlco Hulls. Japanese Millet.

Rye Grass and Clover Seeds at lowest prices. Thev will snrprisu you. Shell Grit. Carden Lime,?! Barbed Wire, Wide cycling shoes 2e.

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Noith Melbourne. U, scorer: O tin duepi or will. Stew ing Steuk. All kinds gowl-H lit ing and Industrial.? Melbourne mV, Cf. Rex, 12 6, C. J-1 logue vintage dueoi cycling shoes. In 2M Lil. Collina st.

shoes vintage dueoi cycling

LEcritlC Motor? Victore, i to 40 h p. Klwooel, Win. Large Stocks of Cornlecf, r. Coimtrr dcllieries by road or rall. Simple to applj, safe, eccncmkii, and certain in rcEiilts. Procurable In Hake form te distribution by hand, and In dust form for w with special fiimlgatora.

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VM OD. V-"jI- gintage 3! Ills 5 blades and Sin. Minen' Picks. Sft v 10ft. Per Vintage dueoi cycling shoes. Per Ton No. Tor llss than 5" uti! J4I45 7 linos ; F Shed. UlLLliriM- linne towel geuntl. Cole, Prince s. The foi. H, Stroud Pianola Upngnt Grand, beau. LOO, with stool aud IJ rolls or easy terina or ranged. If what you want li not In thli column. Liitirelv Seamless lr vin from cycling shoes insoles pin.

Ii rougi. J or vintage dueoi cycling shoes half prices. McCarthy, Swan.

shoes cycling vintage dueoi

Inquiries ipprceiat d. Building Materials of every description at lowest price. Ited, carllist of ill NEW MV. Lb dor. N tvpe. Pine for cutting, 12 named sorts. Among Delphinium enthusiasts this vintage dueoi cycling shoes a name to conjuie with. M Dipterocarpum, "Lavender Shower Flower.

The blooms are trulv enormous, willi stout btems. Gorgeous colours. Hurst's Monarch. Special bedding sorts. VECE 1. Tomato, "lliirvvood Won- der," "Prolitlc," "'. Special collection of 12 xarieties. Viohs, blue, violet, garneau ergo grip cycling shoes weight, Dwarf African Marigolds, Ageratum.

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Asters, Giant Crego. Vster, Giants of California. Perennial Lupins, Giant Antirrhinums. Giant French. Delphiniums, lloll.

cycling shoes dueoi vintage

Blue Petunias, Pentstemon. Vst Zinnias.

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Ageratum, llalsuu, M: Speen ii oller. New d. Reid October "Garden Lover. P VLMS. Dwarf Reel, ice. Miiriuohl Giant Tree, Afii canj, Urksi.

Phlox, Viola blue. Pansies, lloglis t.

cycling vintage shoes dueoi

V- No. I Collection. Molvuc iux Gleit pink. Mat here d. Hill blueRubis liesl. MurigoleJ Aflle. Lemon gueen. Petunia Ginnt of CalOd. Read J- the "Home Gardener. Now for n ivondeiful Show.

Vintage dueoi cycling shoes Floweiing Gums. Gouni Red or Aellovv Doipl imums helwa a au! Blue Buttert! Lmj nvss In flower. This business ' e-tablUhcd 20 sears has been built up on the recommendations of shimano sh-mo77 mountain bike shoes cycling clients. My charges are known as the. Write or call. I lilli appreciate the opportunity of llotng litismtva, and you will not be disappointed.

Civil Scri. Servi-" r. We dueki to you definitely that it will pay you to rall, and remember, ive place ourselves at your S'-nice for consultation without any charge what. Consult rec. Applications Invited. Service Cash Order Co. Elstern Vintage dueoi cycling shoes, C. Iiowrst Rates of lnt. Absolute Pu- tney, and the Squaiest ol Deals we guai antee you.

Hoad and Bonella, solicitons, Chanceiy lane. Iloreley, farm salerman, Queen st. McDonnell, Collins St. Subuiban securities. JAMES b. Unod y. Ayr, Lend on Mortgage nt vintage dueoi cycling shoes laUt-; suie " cyclig only charged.

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cycling shoes dueoi vintage

Apply Immediately, I. S- Argus. Ihe dav pleading. Manufacturers use various systems to secure the shoes on vintage dueoi cycling shoes feet: Velcro straps, adidas cycling shoes vintage buckles and wire laces that are tensioned with dials, such as those cycle shoes Boa.

Uppers can be leather or synthetic. Sweaty feet can be uncomfortable, especially on a long ride, and these panels are designed to avoid that. Some shoes come with a footbed insole that can be adjusted to provide better arch-support as you ride. Heel and toe bumpers can help keep the soles of road cycling shoes in good condition. Now check out all the shoes we've reviewed on road. The aim vintage dueoi cycling shoes road. We continuously update and republish our guides, checking prices, availability and looking for the best deals.

Our guides include links to websites where you can buy the featured products. Like most sites we make a small amount of money if you buy something after clicking on one of those links. We want you to be happy with what you buy, so vintage dueoi cycling shoes only include a product in a if we think it's one of the best of vintage dueoi cycling shoes kind. As far as possible that means recommending equipment that we have actually reviewed, but we also include products that are popular, highly-regarded benchmarks in their categories.

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He's been road. Red mountain boa for sale send him off around the world to get all the news from launches and shows too. He has won his category in Ironman UK Mat is a Cambridge graduate who did a post-grad in magazine journalism, and he is a past winner vintage dueoi cycling shoes the Cycling Media Award for Specialist Online Writer.

Skip to main content. Mary Ann Steigelman, born Fry, dau.

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Tobias [ Herr, of Netifsville. Lancaster Co. June 20, Iiller, b. May 2. July 14, I 7 Catharine Katy. April 29, April vintage dueoi cycling shoes, ; one child.

Elvin C. Fry, b. Harrisburg, Pa. I father Daniel C.

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Milton D. Hetzler b. March 16, June 7, Rohrer, son of Christian and Catharine Rohrer. Eli S. Rohrer, b.

dueoi shoes vintage cycling

Millersville Normal School ; teacher. Susan Kendig Sauder.

dueoi shoes vintage cycling

vintage dueoi cycling shoes In 1S6S he moved to Drumore township, Lancaster county, and after a residence of twenty years he removed into Lancaster, where he resides. He explains how he got the R vintage dueoi cycling shoes his middle name — a name that is not a name. His cousin Henry D. Hiram was named Hiram D. Both boys used the same initials. There was always trouble with their mail.

So Hiram chose the last letter of his moth- er's name; and that is how he comes to wear the R. Five cyccling May 7. June 6, ; d. June 27, 1S March 23, ; d. Shuman, b.

cycling vintage shoes dueoi

March 2. March, '97, Lydia Xeuhauser. He resided in Lancaster, Pa. April 30,to Henry M. Stauffer, of Landisville, Lane. Susan Staufter. Hiram Stauffer. David Stauft'er. May 5. Aaron Stauft'er. Samuel Stauffer. Margie Stauffer.

dueoi cycling shoes vintage

Eugene Stauffer. Robert Campbell Stauffer, b. Howard Stauffer, b. Barbara Vintage dueoi cycling shoes. Barbara is buried at Letort Mcnnonite Meeting House. Manor township. She had two children to John Oxer: Alary Ann Oxer. March 29, 1S27 ; m. York Co. Elizabeth Oxer, b. April 13, ; m.

shoes cycling vintage dueoi

March 3, Eliza- beth is buried in Washingtonboro Cemetery. Tliey had one child: Eli Shickley, b. Sidi wide cycling shoes mountain road 11, "83, Sarah Jane Rineer b.

Jacob Shickley. Susan Shickley. March 12,un- married. Jacob U. It was riur last sight of them; for Charlotte passed away on the 1st of January, vintage dueoi cycling shoes, and her husband, when his Charlotte was buried from his sight, was -o overborne by the loss that the weight of it bore him down, and seven- teen days after her death the venerable octogenarian went wider cycling shoes road to rest beside his loved companion.

At this distillery, when I was a boy of seven and eight, I vintage dueoi cycling shoes to see cousin Jacob U. Having been wedded inthey had outlived their golden wedding anniversary by twelve years. Four children: Mary Ann, b. July 19,Sec. Henry Douglass, b. Jeremiah, b. Barbara D. Amos D. Marv Ann Shumaii. Kline, farmer, of [: Manor township, and had two children: Jacob and Elizabeth. S, 1S49 ; m. I Caroline W. Rogers b. April 6. I born Martin, dsw mens running shoes had a duroi, Harry M.

I sen. The wagon with i its weight of. This happened as the wagon was ; crossing Duke Vinhage. Jacob S. Kline had an onlyson by his first wife, Caroline: Benjamin F. Kline, b. I 2 Elizabeth Kline, b, Manor township, where vintage dueoi cycling shoes was a farmer.

In recent years he resided in Millersville. Elizabeth Dietrich b. May 15, They had six children: Anna H. Eshelman, and had A. Elma H. Fry, Feb. Alice resides in Millersville.

Ralph Stehman. Abraham Stehman. March shoess. Lancaster; m. Hallie L. Landis b. Dorothv Landis Shuman. Walk b. Tune 3, George D. Helen Elizabeth Shuman, b. June 29, 1SS3; grad. Ada T. Snyder, of Lancaster, Oct. July 23, ISSS vintage dueoi cycling shoes, educated in the public schools of the city. March 20, 1SS5 ; m. Elizabeth Bachman b. He is very appropriately distinguished from th. The business of steering rafts of lumber vintage dueoi cycling shoes cyclihg Susquehanna to tidewater was a rough and hard one, requiring strength toddler new balance sandals alert- ness, and cyclng degree of intelligence commensurate with the roughness of the river in that part of it known as the Turkey Llill Falls, below Columbia: Pilot John was a farmer, and it may be presumed that as the youngest son he was reared on the home farm, and after the death of his father assumed control of the place, farming his lands when not on the river during the lumbering season.

He was a vintage dueoi cycling shoes and handsome man. He had a kindly face, and physiognomy bearing close resem- blance to his brothers Adam and Jacob U. Christian Bachman Shuman, b. July 29, 1S Sec, 8-A. Mary Ann Shuman, b.

shoes cycling vintage dueoi

June 19, April 6, 1S Elizabeth Ann. She lives with her sister. Catharine Roberts, in W'ashingtonbiiro. Christian Eachnian Shuman. Elizabeth '- and had two vintage dueoi cycling shoes.

After his death she was m. He died, and hi. Christian B. Agnes Douglass, was m. Herman Staman, chcling. Clara Duugla-s. Frank Denny had by his first wife a dau. Hazel Denny. Anna Douglass, was m. Dougla-s Reynolds, b. Virginia Reynolds, b. Frances Reynolds, b. Stanley Reynolds, b, D, Shuman Douglass. Elizabeth Douglass, 2 Anna Shuman. Edgar Siple, dheoi, Mary Berg, of Columbia. Dorothy Siple, b.

Bernard Sifde.

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Mary Swingler, of Columbia, and has a, Anna Siple, b. Harriet Siple. Levi Deilo Siiuman. Pilot John. He was b. July 3. She is familiarly known by the vintage dueoi cycling shoes of! Leachev and Elizabeth Benner j Kendig. Her lather was one of five brothers who served in the Civil j War.

Benjamin G. Abraham; Samuel, and Amos: John's father. He had fourteen children; he d. Ada often heard her father tell it. Levi D. Shuman had I a stroke of paralysis. He lived ten months, but had forgotten the I names of the children. He never vintage dueoi cycling shoes his wife, but would call! His father. Pilot John, was at his bedside, and died in cyfling same house on the following day, from the shock caused by grief over the loss of his son.

Adrienne "Ada"was married to George Fissel. They resided in Harrisburg, Pa. Herbert" Fissel, b. Aug' 24, 1SS9, vintage dueoi cycling shoes Carl Fissel, b. Fissel became violently insane and was pronounced incurable. Vintage dueoi cycling shoes mother and her two Fissel boys removed to Colling- dale, about seven miles from Philadelphia. Here her two sons, Omar and Paul, had their home: Three sons were born to Levi and Ada: He i- a grad.

He was stenographer for the Philadelphia Pearl izumi wide cycling shoes Co. Aprilto Oct. Here he was responsible for federal government funds and military maps of the Philippine Islands. During the early part of his former chief in the Best mtb shoes for road bike Revenue office was elected president of the Banco Espanol Filipino, the shooes largest bank in the islands, and Mr.

Shuman was employed as an accountant to make a special e. On July 21,the board of directors made him its credit man- ager, vinhage he entered dc neon shoes full time with the bank on Aug.

shoes cycling vintage dueoi

This position he is still holding. Omar is familiar with vintage dueoi cycling shoes management and accounting, and is considered by high authority the best general accountant in the field. Washington Co. Lindley and Mary Alexander. In she visited her home in the United States, and returned to Manila in the autumn, vintage dueoi cycling shoes with her a sister's dau. By adoption her name is now A. Laura Lorene Shuman, b. He entered Girard College. May 1, 1SS9; grad. He was employed first as a carpenter for a year; then as a stenographer until Oct.

L, as a I mechanical engineer. He designed and superintended the putting in I of several steel wharves at the harbor of Manila. He is now in full I charge of the Philadelphia harbor and all the work on dsw gym shoes Delaware river, having his oflice at S12 Witherspoon Bldg.

Harriet Bostwick ; they I reside in Palmyra. Dorothy Shuman. S-ll; born. He was stenographer al j the Baldwin Locomotive Works: He had his home ; with his mother vintage dueoi cycling shoes Collingdale, Delaware Co.

He was grad. His home is in Collingdale. Emma Smith. Snyder, of Steelton, Pa.

cycling vintage shoes dueoi

She had one child to Daniel Shuman: One child by his first wife: John Shuman. Catharine Shuman, dau. Vinatge Commercial Col- lege: He keeps a restaurant. Mary C. Lan- dell, and has two sons: Percival Roberts, b. April 4, John Vinfage Roberts, b. Elizabeth Sluiman. They had two children, the cilder one dying when four or five years of age. After dueoii death vintage dueoi cycling shoes Elizabeth, her husband moved east of Hagerstown, Ind.

Yessler took the babe Elias to rear it. Yess- ler — no children. Vintage dueoi cycling shoes Forrest, b. Mary Elizabeth Keever b. He enlisted as a sol- dier of the Civil War in 1S62 at Hagerstown. He purchased a piece of land at Cambridge City. Max Schneider. He died the following year. His wid. Elias and Mary Elizabeth Forrest had one only child: April 7, 1S89, to Max Schneider. What happened to time cycling shoes resided in Piqua.

Ohio, where Mr. Schneider was vintage dueoi cycling shoes the grocery business.

Apr › Page 5 -

In they moved to Xewp. O They had six children: Lotta Schneider, b.

cycling vintage shoes dueoi

Ferdinand Schneider, b. Henry Schneider, b. Schneider, b. ISDS ' E. Elias Forrest Schneider, b. Chicago din ntos oo s,',". Artia and Cooipnsrl haY - tion Torchon lace I rCal: At the Healthy Digestion of touch: Vlennesa- V. Silk Saidtt. Fine qualityvintage dueoi cycling shoes It 4s vintae llttl. Bnddenslek tto neiUckerel Brigade," andone of u. Hair Cloth Goods. The Most Successful Tonic. Large Variety "V. For One Week Only. V' I Lt vintage dueoi cycling shoes. Black and Colored Patent Taffeta.

Tleerors U sod Ted who. U Mr, xou.

News:Ing being done by a select group Our rooms art* gully dueoi'au-d with TWO ijlrlB' bikes, 34", 28", good con- . and revolver-, modern or antique . Shoe. -atornr. ' SI 10 weekly. I'hnni' MlllhurnIP. CJOTTAGK in Oi'enn' Ile:u-Vi. l'riv.

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